This is a tool for RGB color separation, intended for Riso printing. It's a tool both for previewing different color/ink combinations, and creating print-ready files.

It takes an image and splits it into its separate RGB channels. You can then select an ink color for each channel.

The layer treatment function applies an effect to each of the layers. The Color Magicâ„¢ function is a randomly generated effect, which means you will get new results each time you process the image.

After processing an image you can download the individual files. The files are named after which ink color it's inteded to be printed with.

All the processing happens on the client side, which means that your image isn't uploaded anywhere. It also means that your computer does all the work, so when processing an image or preparing for download your browser might freeze up for a little while. Especially images with large resolutions might take some time to process and download.